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We love to embody our name in the way we serve each other on Sunday mornings and beyond the walls of the Sunday experience. One of the primary ways we serve is by joining a team. God has wired all of us with different gifts and talents, and so we want to steward those gifts and bless others with them. So whether you are gifted in music, tech, design, children’s ministry, hospitality, first-impressions, trailer driving, community outreach, hosting a small group and teaching (just to name a few), we want to encourage you to join one of the numerous teams that help the church to engage the mission of helping people find and follow Jesus. Fill out a form to explore a team. One of our ministry leaders will get back to you, grab some coffee, and get you connected!

Next Steps Gathering

Every Sunday we offer a Next Steps Class at 11:45am. The Next Steps Class is a 4-week class, and each Sunday is self-contained, so no matter what Sunday you jump into the class, you can begin there! During these 30ish minute gatherings, you’ll get to meet some new people, hear more of the vision of Serve, and identify some potential next steps that you can take to get more involved. We offer child care during the class as well. Just let a Kids’ Community leader know, and we will take care of the kids.

Join a Small group

We believe no one should engage their spiritual journey on their own. We were made to have a thriving IN connection with others on the spiritual journey. One of the primary ways we try to help facilitate our IN connections is through Small Groups. Our groups meet at different times and days of the week. Some are co-ed, some are gender-based. The major commonalities: groups of 8-12 people that are open invitation who meet weekly on a semester basis to eat some food, talk about life, talk about God, and pray for each other. Check out our group leaders below, click to contact, and we'll get you connected!

Cole & Chelsey Dunham

Our group meets in

Jason & Julia Morgan

Our group meets in Overland Park

Tom & Cassie Curtis

Our group meets Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Brent & Whitney Hoskins

Our group meets in Prairie Village Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm

Morgan & Karissa Greer

Our group meets in Prairie Village Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm

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