Kids' Community

Kids’ Community is all about partnering with parents in raising children to find and follow Jesus. We believe parents are the primary influencers of their child’s faith, and so we seek to resource and support them! Our Sunday morning Small Group Leaders are dedicated to supporting parents by investing relationally with their class, helping kids connect with one another, and teaching them through the use of “Orange Curriculum.”


During these years kids have a natural desire to discover and so we are passionate about helping kids experience who Jesus is and how the Bible is relevant to their “Monday to Saturday world.” We also think these kids are experts on having fun and so we have a blast with interactive activities and games that support the week’s lesson! We can’t wait to meet them!

We focus on these three truths:



I need to make the wise choice.

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I can trust God no matter what.



I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Check out our Kids’ Community Newsletter where you can know what your child is learning from their Small Group Leaders and continue the conversation at home with prompts for morning/meal/bath/drive/play/bed times!


RED ROOM (K – 2nd Grade)

ORANGE ROOM (3rd – 6th Grade)

Kids begin and end their time in either the Red Room or the Orange Room, depending on their grade level. This small group environment helps the kids and Small Group Leaders build relationships with each other. All of the kids gather together for a large group experience that includes music, an engaging Bible story video, interactive activities/games, a discussion about how the lesson is relevant to their “Monday to Saturday world,” and prayer. Your kids will love coming to church!


Make your first visit to Kids’ Community easier by pre-registering your child online. Then, on Sunday when you arrive let our Check-in Team know you have pre-registered online. We look forward to having you join us!

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